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    roddy & julio talkin.

    Watching Thursday night football and these guys are saying they are the best in the league. Even took a swype at nicks and Cruz.. Are they THAT good? I say no. Between roddy and Julio vs nicks and Cruz it comes down to the qb delivering the ball. Talent wise the duo's are so close, but Eli is a good deal better than Ryan. What do you think?

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    I honestly was laughing. I never knew Receivers on the outside thought Slot receivers were *******
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    Yeah, they looked unstoppable when their O put up a goose egg against us in the Wild Card round...

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    The slot receiver comment was stupid.
    Cruz makes big time plays anywhere on the field, regardless if he's used in the slot.
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    you know why i have nicks n cruz as the best duo? bc unlike roddy and julio, BOTH our guys can be possession wr's AND legit deep threat/score from anywhere wr's. Roddy white can do both, Julio Jones is really just a big play type wr. if he doesnt get big plays, he goes catchless. i know this bc FF. He either has a huge like 4 catch 43 yd avg per catch, or 1 for 4 yds and no tds...hes still young tho. but at this moment nicks n cruz r 1

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    Roodey is a clown outside wr are tougher "my you know what" I always thought slot guys were tougher going across the middle and what he fails to realize is that Cruz can play both the least we can say for Roodey, JJ is a beast though but so is Nicks... I seemed to remember none of them scoring and remember Cruz and Nick. running past their D all day. Roodey should have been a wrestler.

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    yeah rudy. i didnt get how he could make that statement. completely inaccurate. granted he made more big plays from the slot, but he made a TON of big plays outwide

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    Jones and White are right up there with the top receiver duos in the NFL. Are they better than Nicks and Cruz? That is a very difficult question to ask as they both have their own talents and specialties.

    And for the record, what we did to Atlanta during the first round of the playoffs has nothing to do with the skill of either Atlanta receiver. Our defense just smothered that whole entire offense.

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    they both disappeared in the playoffs. they didnt even look like they belonged on the field

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    i beg to differ g4l. the "best wr duo" don't get shut out...vs ANY defense. maybe the best wr...not the best wr duo

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