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    That Browns week 5 game sure looks like a trap

    Lets say our giants get a big momentum win against rival Philthy (which may or may not happen), feelin good and not really thinkin about the browns. The Browns are a much better team then most people think, they can really beat up on the QB. Plus the browns will have a week and a half to prepare.

    Im super excited about the eagirls game this week, but i just remember the last time we played the browns 4 years ago....

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    no defensive secondary will contain eli/nicks/cruz/bennett/bradshaw/brown/bennett...just my take. clelveland has a solid d, they aint match up with us tho

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    Nah they beat us last time, we're gonna take that game personal. Just my opinion.

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    Every game is a potential trap

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    The Browns will throw everything at the Giants, including the kitchen sink. The Giants will not overlook the Browns, all teams want to take down the defending chanps.

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    Browns defense looked good last night. They played a very good Ravens team tough on the road.

    We better be ready.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurnerNYG View Post
    Nah they beat us last time, we're gonna take that game personal. Just my opinion.
    lol . . . .you think that they will be motivated by a 2008 regular season loss???
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    Can never take any team lightly. Thats why they have to take one game at a time.

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    Fortunately for us, their best player (Joe Haden) doesn't return till week 6. The passing game should be a bit more successful than usual. This will also be a great battle for JPP against Joe Thomas.

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    coughlin remembers 08

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