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yeah you are. the thing with you giants fans is you dont like jerry cause of his high profile status. even though the lil g's won 2 sb's most recently, the Cowboys and jerry are still far more popular and known to the world than the lil g's could ever be...thats just the way it is and has been for decades.

this is not to say that i like jerry in the spolight, cause i dont. he needs to retire away and stay out of the public eye. he does say dumb things at times, which is showing his old age
lol.....Jerry's compulsion to be in the spotlight by any means necessary is why the Cowpies are perennial choke artists. There's no focus on the important things....just the headlines.

Being "popular" doesn't automatically make you a winner. Hell, Jersey Shore is "popular" but still one of the biggest pieces of crap that ever was. Which is probably why the Cowboys are the most popular team.

You go ahead and enjoy being popular......we'll just sit back collecting trophies while your team continues to be the dancing fools.