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    Will Hill, after years of drugs and parties, is making the most of his opportunity wi


    Excerpt: "Two pairs of eyes trained on Will Hill, as if trying to peek into the deepest corners of his soul. And suddenly, the talkative, confident safety didnt feel so confident at all.

    He desperately wanted to impress Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell and safeties coach David Merritt in this late-spring meeting, wanted to show that he could help the Super Bowl champs. But at this moment, at this time, he needed to deal with his sordid past, explaining the Twitter meltdown and the marijuana suspension and the attitude that had disappointed so many scouts a year ago.

    He thought about deflecting blame, as hed done so many times before.

    No. Not this time.

    I put everything on the line, just told them the truth, he says. I said, Im trying to come here to work and to help this team. Im not gonna be a problem. I wont be a distraction." Read more...

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    Talent was was never an issue. I think he sounds focused and hungry.

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    great read thanks Roanoke.. I agree talent was never an issue with this kid, he is an elite athlete

    during rookie mini camp " he ran so hard he threw up" sounds like he has dedicated himself to football once again and I am rooting for him. Everyone deserves a second chance

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    Great read! Thanks for sharing.....

    The dude sounds serious and focused. Hope he plays well and helps this secondary both for his sake and the Giants. In just 22 years, the guy has done a lot. It feels le he's a 30-something year old.

    Is it true that he plays CB also? He would be a great help to this depleted CB crew if he can.

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    Maybe we have found our future Safety?

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    I think Willy boy has what it takes, I'm rooting for the kid and he has a future here considering Rolle is nearing the end of his contract, KP too, and beside those two we really have no proven talent.

    I will never judge anyone aged 16-25 for using drugs. Unless they do them the rest of their life...

    People make mistakes, they do. I have..

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    Fantastic piece. I really love how the organization seeks out and gets these players who are looking for redemption and second chances who have focused determination. It not only makes the games more interesting but the journey of the individuals as well. These people make for great stories around the NFL. Wish him the best.

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    He's got some good mentors now and I think is on the right track!

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    I look forward to seeing more of Will Hill. I like redemption stories and he looks focused and hungry. When he stepped in during the Carolina game, he showed flashes.

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    he is young and has a full plate on and off the field. He needs to keep his focus and keep the right people aroud him.
    Good luck to him......
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