[borat vioce] Matty Ice,,, to be a leader you have to have big....how you say? ham? Ham?

Eli has stones because he is willing to throw a ball over 20 yards in the play-offs. When you hit the play-offs you act like a turtle and curl up in your shell. That is why your coach forced you to run on 4th and 1. He wanted to try and make a man out of you.

As for Shoddy White Teeth and Whoshisface Jones. If V Cruz and Nicks were on your team you would be riding the pines. You want to call out Cruz for playing slot and calling yourself a "Big Boy" but Cruz got 1500+ yards from the slot. What did you get JJ? A lot of press and a sub par season.

I do not even know how you can mention the giants after we dismantled you in the playoffs. What did you guys to before the game watch failure to launch?