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    In field goal range and go for the touchdown? STUPID STUPID STUPID

    We all know 50+ is NOT Tynes range, that was the dumbest play call I've ever seen Gilbride call.. and that's saying alot

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewz View Post
    We all know 50+ is NOT Tynes range, that was the dumbest play call I've ever seen Gilbride call.. and that's saying alot
    The fact that you thought that was Gilbride's decision show how little you know about football. There are three receivers that the ball could have gone to. Eli chose to throw it to Barden... and anyone who knows anything about football would have too. He was beating NA all night (or getting pass interference calls). Eli knows that Lawrence Tynes is spotty at best from long distances. I would have done the same thing.

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    We blew this one, what a ****ing sickener.

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    That wasn't on KG, that was on Eli. They doubled Cruz and Bennet, left Barden 1 on 1 with NA and Barden lost. NA had perfect coverage on him and all he could do to prevent the INT was take NA down. Eli never should have thrown that pass, he should have checked it down, take a few yards and help the kicker.

    The Eagles read Eli like a book this game. They knew where he was going with the ball all night. They left him with two decisions: Throw in to double coverage to MB or Cruz, or throw into the 1 on 1 matchups with Barden and Hixon each manned up with NA and DRC. Hixon was able to win against DRC quite a few times, Barden was manhandled by NA most of the night.
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    I didn't realize Kevin Gilbride was playing quarterback for us on that play. I must not have been paying enough attention.

    Seriously, the QB reads the defense pre and post snap then decides what to do with the ball. He chose Barden, he chose wrong.

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    Can't blame the coaches here. I blame it mainly on Eli. He could have placed the ball in a better spot (though I don't think Nnamdi would have caught it). And a bit of the blame goes to Barden. Same old issue of not using his size to his advantage. And just blatantly mugging the CB. Geez Ramses, you could have been more subtle.

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