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    Yeah I actually think that he molested the guy the whole way down he is 6 ft freakin 6 jump up and make a play on the ball without causing a pi or try not to make it so obvious. It was bad all around I'll admit that but you can't freakin do that.
    Eli states after the game the pass to Barden was on him, he liked the match up and was going for it and made a bad pass, should have went back shoulder instead of down the field, Barden had no other choice.
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    OMG Tynes sucks, Coughlin sucks, Gilbride sucks, cut everyone and dismantle the whole team. These threads never get old.

    Some of you guys are a joke, and if I owned this message board you'd all be banned for being little girls.

    Let's put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for dinner

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