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Clearly you have a dizzying intellect.

Shockey.....lol; let's all pray at the altar of overrated mediocrity
He wasn't overrated in 2003......when I joined this board. Where were you back then? Just curious.

BTW.......Coughlin did a fantastic job of having the team ready to play both physically and emotionally again today but dammit, he completely blew the clock management AGAIN at the end of the first half!

On 4th down, he called a timeout with 15 seconds left and a full playclock to try and attempt our FG at the end of the first half.

Why on earth he called timeout with 15 seconds left instead of running it down to 1 or 2 seconds and kicking the ball, since it was 4th down, I will NEVER know but it nearly cost us 3 points!
After the block field goal, San Fran ran one play and completed a 30+ yard pass and put Akers well within range for a field goal that would have made it 10-6 going into the half. Thankfully he missed for the second time in the game, but again, that was piss poor clock management by Coughlin.

A small gripe on an otherwise fantastic day but come on Tom, gotta get better with that buddy! There was absolutely no reason whatsoever not to run that clock down to 1 or 2 seconds to kick that ball. Anyone care to disagree with THAT point?