42 passing plays 18 running plays we have completely lost our balance and our o-line is just trash.

Rushing Car Yds Avg TDs
A. Bradshaw 13 39 3 0
A. Brown 5 14 2.8 0

It is really getting depressing the watch the Giants. With our passing attack we should easily be able to run the ball. We have 3 very solid receivers as well as one very good receiving tight end. We could at least try to do what indy did and pass to our running backs.

lets give a run down:
Bass is trash not only can't he block but he cant even execute a shut gun snap. Somehow from this young 49ers team busting with talent we managed to acquire and overpay their crappiest player.

Beaty- What is he good for? beats me. Can't block cant catch

Lets make a Deihl- Worst oline player in the NFL.

Locklear the only person doing a decent job considering what stage of his career he is in.

Snee/Suebert I cant even remember who is left. In short nothing to write home about.