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Thread: Our o-line is an abomination

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    I'll tell you one thing I was tired of watching the eagles DT in the backfield all day. Don't know if it was Boothe or Baas but someone wasn't carrying the water. I think the problem is more about the middle right now....

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    Quote Originally Posted by joemorrisforprez View Post
    If Bradshaw stayed in v. the Bucs, the Giants would be 1-3 right now.Again.....we are talking two runningbacks, playing behind the same offensive line, against the same team, on the same day...... I can't think of better control conditions than that if you want to compare two runningbacks.2011: "It's not Bradshaw's fault.....nobody can run behind that crappy line."2012: "It's still not Bradshaw's fault....even though Andre Brown looks great behind the same line."
    In the Tampa game they where coming from behind so the running game was more effective. The Panthers are not a good team. It's no secret that the OL has been bad. Anyone who way he's them last year knows this and because of them being so bad they need Bradshaw to help protect Eli.
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    The Eagles have done this to the Giants for 4 years now in case anyone hasnt noticed.It hasnt mattered who the Giants centers or guards are they have been butchered by the Eagles DT's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert21156 View Post
    Yeah, stats can be REALLY deceiving as well. How many times did Eli really throw the ball away just to avoid a sack in the game? A LOT. So you can site the "no sacks" stat, but it's reflected in Eli's completion percentage being lower than normal.
    Sack numbers dont tell the whole story for example and I wish I could find the stats but Eli was the most pressured QB in the NFL last year and it wasnt even close. I believe he was pressured 80 more times then the 2nd QB on the list.

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    While the other passers in our Top 10 list saw no more than 147 total pressures last season, Eli Manning was subjected to a massive 220 in the same number of games.

    He was also pressured 91 more times in the playoffs. I bet half of them were against the 49ers. I've never seen a QB get hit like that and keep getting up

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