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Thread: Our o-line is an abomination

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    Eli's sack totals say they have improved. but yes work in progress

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    Quote Originally Posted by appodictic View Post
    42 passing plays 18 running plays we have completely lost our balance and our o-line is just trash.

    Rushing Car Yds Avg TDs
    A. Bradshaw 13 39 3 0
    A. Brown 5 14 2.8 0

    It is really getting depressing the watch the Giants. With our passing attack we should easily be able to run the ball. We have 3 very solid receivers as well as one very good receiving tight end. We could at least try to do what indy did and pass to our running backs.

    lets give a run down:
    Bass is trash not only can't he block but he cant even execute a shut gun snap. Somehow from this young 49ers team busting with talent we managed to acquire and overpay their crappiest player.

    Beaty- What is he good for? beats me. Can't block cant catch

    Lets make a Deihl- Worst oline player in the NFL.

    Locklear the only person doing a decent job considering what stage of his career he is in.

    Snee/Suebert I cant even remember who is left. In short nothing to write home about.
    This is the same stat line u will see every time we played the Eagles since the first game in 2008. Its the primary reason they keep beating the giants. Giants havent had a 100 yard rusher since 2008. The only time they ran it well was the 1st game last year and they won

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    It's still a work in progress, but our run game is terrible!

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    The funny thing is prior to the Season, during Pre-Season and thus far, most of us viewed the O-Line as suspect and the weakest link.

    That messed up snap Baas delivered, where the ball skittered on the turf was one of those moments when you're like, why the F not?

    And the run-blocking?

    In perspective, this is the Egirls, they have had our ticket for some time now. We had a chance at a comeback but Barden's penalty pushed them back enough to have factored in the (2nd) kick.

    I miss Tiki when it comes to the Egirls...and the O-Lines of that time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy333 View Post
    They did better as the game went on protecting Eli but they have not been able to run in this team since early 2008.
    In the 3 games this Oline has played, Eli has only been sacked once. Though Eli was under a lot of pressure in the first half, we should take into consideration the team we are playing. The Eaghles rotate 9 DLinemen so they were always fresh.

    In terms of the running game, I'm still not sure how good they are with that. I don't know if TC just feels a sense of loyalty to Bradshaw, but Brown only got the ball 5 times.....5 TIMES!!!!! Brown is better at running north-to-south and finding the holes than Bradshaw right now. Not sure why he didn't use Brown more.

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    Baas has been having snap issues since last year. The response has been 'he was new' and learning. Giants acquired him from 49ers as an experienced center and he got a big contract. Now he has had more than sufficient time to 'learn' the system. Still botching snaps, which is as essential a procedure to a center as 'high and tight' ball protection is to the RBs. He needs to make this a practice priority whether or not someone tells him he has to do it.

    The Eagles 'wide-9" defense left them naturally vulnerable up the middle as the emphasis was on the edges. It was clear TC was trying to exploit this, but gaps still seemed hard to come by. I know Wilson bobbled a pitch, but I couldn't help but wonder what his explosive acceleration might have done to get passed the LBs in this situation. Hindsight for sure, and the OL did settle in with better pass protection for Eli, but I agree, the running game is still an issue with this OL and I continue to shake my head at Baas.

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    42 pass attempts 0 sacks against one of the best fronts in the league. If I were to put that stat line out there after week one and two no one would have believed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FUUFNF View Post
    I will say this though... Baas was terrible, completely and utterly awful tonight... What the heck is going on with his shotgun snaps?
    This I agree with. I'd move Boothe to center. He has some errant snaps as well, but his hit Eli in the face and there are fewer of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoanokeFan View Post
    This I agree with. I'd move Boothe to center. He has some errant snaps as well, but his hit Eli in the face and there are fewer of them.
    IA Ro. Likely other teams will now be game planning based on this game and Boothe was a very capable replacement when Baas was injured last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfam04 View Post
    42 pass attempts 0 sacks against one of the best fronts in the league. If I were to put that stat line out there after week one and two no one would have believed it.
    Except sacks do not tell the whole story. First off, Eli has gotten better at just throwing the ball away. Second there were plenty of throws last night Eli couldn't complete because he had no room to step forward and drive his pass in due to the pressure.
    O-line was a concern in the off season which outside of Locklear was never addressed.

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