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    Did anyone else feel ELI was OFF...?

    I just looked to me like he was making really poor passing decisions.... kinda like his earlier days. I can't count how many times he just threw a ball and I shook my head..... I know Oline wasn't helping much.... but last night just seemed OFF....

    just sayin

    GO GIANTS>>>>

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    A little bit.... he looked pretty off actually.

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    Yeah - he hasnt really had pressure like that on him in a while. Lots of passes broken up, but they were right on the receiver so cant really say that's "off" really.

    He said he didnt see DRC in the endzone at all, but the pass looked short regardless.

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    It wasn't a good game for Eli but if this is his worst game this year, I won't be upset. On top of the interception it looked like he didn't have enough speed on the ball and some of his passes were hanging up there.

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    Gilbride thinks Eli is Jesus all of a sudden and he lets him throw deep where it's only necessary to get a few yards. I have 100% certainty that victor cruz or even barden could have ran small slots to gain a few yards... Gilbride can be annoying at times.

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    I think he played ok to be honest. The Eagles have a tough D and Eli is missing Nicks. Sometimes you just have to rely on the WRs to come up with the play - even if it is a questionable decision. Hixon was the man..

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    I thought they used Hixon too much and needed to get Barden more involved. Hixon's routes are not very good and he does not work back to the ball. Eli missed Nicks tonight.

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    1st half yes. he was good in the 2nd minus the INT.

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    I was not his best game but not horrible either.

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    this was an nfce division game where every team knows the other! the egirls know the Giants as well as the Giants know Reid and the egirls.

    Eli may have appeared to be "off" but he still put us in position to win the game! we didnt win and thats the problem.

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