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    Bennett, Brown and Barden

    This has already been posted but I am going to do it anyways. We had 2 good games where we established some players and won some games and put up good points. For our tough division test we decide to go in a totally different direction. We are going to focus on Hixon and Bradshaw. If we had gotten Bennett, Brown and Barden going with touches in the first then we would have won the game. Did they force us into this? Not the Bradshaw decision that was our dumb call. I dont know if Bennett and Barden were blanketed all day. We got the ball to Cruz so I have to think we could have gotten it to the others. Bradshaw doesnt have the wheels to be our number 1 player. I love him but he has taken a ton of abuse and doesnt have it. Barden is big and rangy and can be a great 2nd and 3rd option. I mean hell we ran plays for Randle. The Eagles game isnt experiment time. Bennett is awesome. The low number of targets he got is inexcusable.

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    Bennett was required to stay in and block because our line couldn't protect Eli on its own. In fact, Bennett, for what he was tasked with doing, did an outstanding job and was a HUGE reason Eli had so much more time to throw in the second half.

    Brown needs to be the number 1 RB. I mean every drive. He needs to be the guy. No more rotating in RB. Brown needs to be our man, end of story.

    Barden is what he is. He can't get off press coverage, and that has been the scounting report on him since college. He is big and can sit inside of a zone (Carolina game) really well, but he does not have over the top speed like Plax did and he just can't get separation off the line in press coverage. He is a 3rd down slant into the zone receiver.

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    No way to free Bennett up by bringing in another TE like Pascoe?

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    C'mon, Barden is not a 2nd option type WR, he's still a long ways away from proving himself. Brown only has 1 career start and you people are ready to crown him the HOF jacket, have some perspective, before the last 2 games, Brown has literally ran for no yards. Bradshaw has been there and done that and has the full trust of the staff, Brown just has to earn it instead of given the keys to the defending champion team bus.

    Say Brown gets 10 carries vs Cleveland, he better get at least 60 yards. Then I say Brown can be the starter, otherwise I don't see the coaching staff giving up on Bradshaw just yet.

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    Bennett is a much better blocker.

    Also, we ran a double TE set and Pascoe got a TD.

    But the low targets throughout the whole game was because the line by itself could not stop the Eagles D-line from hitting Eli.

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    Bennett was baller in the blocking role. That's why we got him after all. Production on top of that is just a nice bonus. Yeah Eli got flushed out of the pocket a couple times, but he never got sacked. Against a pass rush that's playing like ours should be. That's pretty awesome.

    Brown I agree should get more snaps. Bradshaw was obviously not at 100% in that game. He played with all his heart, but he was still injured. Split some carries though... Brown would have provided the relief we needed. I was SO pissed when TC called timeout on 3rd and short to switch out Brown for Bradshaw. Brown could be great in short yardage situations, but TC won't give him the chance.

    Barden is terrible.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueshine View Post
    No way to free Bennett up by bringing in another TE like Pascoe?
    Did you notice the pressure coming from the Eagles?
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    How about running the ball when in fg range down 2? If we do that we win.
    Spin that Webb young Davis

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAnalyst View Post
    How about running the ball when in fg range down 2? If we do that we win.
    I agree, one shotgun inside handoff, one ball spike, one field goal, one giants win.

    Hindesight is always 20/20

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    Brown is not a Number one back, he is a strong runner, but not a Number one Back,

    he played well against the panthers because of their defending the pass not the run, he had open space,

    in this game against better defense, better run defense he struggled, limited opportunities? maybe so, but so has Wilson and everyone is saying he needs to maximize opportunities to prove himself, well so does brown, and he hasn't proved anything to me, besides a strong third down back,

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