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    Will next season see the release of some of our team stalwarts?

    I have a feeling the personnel of next season will look much different than this season, due to performance and salary.


    Hixon (depending on salary)

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    I don't think Canty is a free agent is he? Bradshaw just resigned.

    But, I think Osi, KP, Webster are definitely gone. Tuck stays because he takes a huge pay cut.

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    dont agree with webster and tuck at all

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    Wow, you want to get rid of Webster? And who do you suppose we defend the secondary without Webster? Another hyped rookie? OMG.

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    We'll get rid of Osi, sure, but we can't jettison both Osi and Tuck in the same season... too much to let go quickly there unless Ojomo and Tracy both show they can start. I think Tuck will get better once Canty is healthy and Tuck doesn't have to play DT anymore.

    Webster stays. He may not start next year, but he'll stay on. The way our DBs are dropping like flies, we can't afford not to. We were all *****ing at JR for letting go of Ross in the offseason, as mediocre as he was, if we get rid of Webster, there will be even more *****ing...

    Canty is proving why we need him sitting in IR. As previously mentioned, Tuck is playing DT, reducing his effectiveness. Canty can flush the pocket, and with Tuck and JPP on the outsides, Vick would have had nowhere to go.

    KP or Rolle could be a cap casualty, though I really would like to keep both. That said, both Hill and Stevie look great, and could threaten a job.

    Bradshaw most likely stays as well, unless Wilson and Brown are both 1000 yard rushers this season with perfect pass protection and no fumbles from here on out.

    Hixon stays as well. He's still got it even after 2 ACLs. Barden is more likely to go unless he can play like week 3 more than what we saw last night...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    For cap reasons, and performance, I'd say hat Osi and Webster are gone. Tuck comes back if he doesn't ask for to much. I think they may part ways wit KP as well. Especially if Brown and Hill fill in well. They may also cut Bradshaw. They have Brown, Scott, and Wilson.

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    I think Bradshaw has a good chance of being a cap casualty... IIRC, he's due over $6M next season... We'll need to resign Cruz and Bennett.

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    They better re-sign Nicks before spending money on any other player. Nicks is unquestionably our best WR.

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    Bennett will not be resigned imo. This year is for him to finally showcase his talents after being buried beyond Witten. His stock price has and will continue to rise as he's a nice toy for Eli but we're gonna need a good chunk of change to fairly pay Cruz as a top tier WR

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