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    Osi is now the 5th best defensive player

    I hate to beat a dead horse here but McCoy was right, Osi is horrible and isn't even in the top 4 as far as the defensive line goes.

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    Nobody on the D Line was setting the world on fire! Blackburn got closer to Vick than Osi or Tuck.......and he's a LBer!

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    We've had one of the best d-lines in the NFL......

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    Osi was horrible. Tuck played unspectacular but solid. JPP was again a strong showing. Osi was just disappointing beyond words.

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    Osi ahsn't done anything at all these first 4 games. It irratates the heck out of me when he just stands there with his kool aid smile after he had just getten worked by Vick or McCoy.

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    Osi was absolute garbage. Probably the worst game I've ever seen from him. Time and time again his fundamentals were breaking down. It's his job as an End forcing Vick & McCoy inside so even if he cant make the play, other teammates are there.

    We need to Osi & Tuck to get back into form... and while Joseph & Bernard have but good in the middle, I truly believe the absence of Canty is hurting our pass rush and clogging up the middle.

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    Right now I'd rather have Tolly back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy333 View Post
    Right now I'd rather have Tolly back.
    Agree. I've wathced a couple of Raiders games and he's been playing well.

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    i rewatched and i wasnt as upset with tuck. tuck was doing his job. we've gone against mobile qbs exclusively. sacks are few n far vs qbs like that. imo, osi got tired of playing gap responsibility and containment and free lanced, and it killed us. on top of that, he didnt even get a sack or a pressure iirc unless they count phillys 3rd n goal last play...in which osi still mucked up.

    osi is driving me crazy. at ths point put ojomo in. he'll make the same mistakes as osi but thats bc he's young. he can learn from them hopefully. osi hasnt done anything to warrant snaps imho...

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    Faster players need to be on Vick.

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