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    This team will not make the playoffs with Bradshaw as the starter

    0-2 with Bradshaw
    2-0 with Brown

    Last night.....39 yards rushing.

    Enough already.

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    I agree. Brown should be getting the most reps.

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    I don't know about the topic statement but Brown should be starting Bradshaw does not fit as a starter anymore.

    He is slow and not powerful enough.

    Brown hit's the hole hard and fast... with POWER and he keeps his feet going almost always falling forward for 2-3 yards whereas Bradshaw would have no gain or a loss.

    We win the game if Brown got more reps yesterday. Let's be serious.
    ALL IN!!!!!!!!

    I'm ALL IN are you?

    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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    ...This fan base is clueless...

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    yeah bradshaw just refuses to press the holes, which is odd bc he tries to be a cutback type runner. notice how mccoy was setting his cutbacks up by pressing the line...bradshaw just gets quick feet with no purpose and lets the d gain ground. there was a couple of runs where snee pulled and there was a great alley for him, but by the time he got to the edge, he gained like 3 yds. Brown or even Wilson turns that into a 10 yd run or more easily imho. he just is not attacking the LOS.
    he was at his best when he played angry and attacked the LOS hole or no hole. altho on the few runs (GREAT BALANCE pfff) Brown did get, he was patient and it led to 5 yds...i dunno or care who "starts" but if we want a run game, we'd damn well better run Brown a ton more than we did last night. i'd argue we should switch the roles from last night moving forward w brown getting the majority and bradshaw 5-10 carries. i mean be honest, bradshaw gave us 5 to MAYBE 10 quality runs last night IF that...i didnt see a big disparity between the OL from last night and Thurs. night

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    As much as I like to see Brown be the starter, you people are WAY OVER-RATING Brown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperNYGiants View Post
    As much as I like to see Brown be the starter, you people are WAY OVER-RATING Brown.
    I think people are going off of what they saw from him in those games against Tampa and Carolina. He was the hot hand. Why not roll with him primarily until he stinks up the joint? Not saying that he is Adrian Peterson or anything like that, but he might actually be the best we currently have to offer at the position as of right now. I don't care how much money you're making, if you aren't producing, you should be riding pine.

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    Brown does need more carries but the real deal I'd say would be us missing the playoffs if Philips misses any significant amount of time. We can't afford to lose our best defensive back.

    Dupree for 9th overall!

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    Brown is good north and south HB with good field vision. He's kind of like Jacobs except he's more agile and isn't as powerful. Right now, I'd rather have him and Bradshaw split the carries 50/50, until we could determine a true starter. But about you saying that we won't make the playoffs with Bradshaw as the starter, we ranked 32nd in rushing yards last year and won the Super Bowl.

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    I'm getting tired of seeing Bradshaw dancing in the holes. For every cutback that he makes, the defender has time to change gears and get him.

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    What does it matter that Bradshaw cuts back? He doesn't have break-away speed to outrun the defense anyway. Bradshaw is effective at what he does, people are now taking him for granted and that's not right.

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