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What does that have to do with ANYTHING?

No one is more important than Eli, this is Eli's team. You're stating the obvious.
Here's the thing with this offense called by crazy Gilbride, he ABANDONS the run game if it doesn't get any big yards early in the game. It's his pattern, you can count on it to happen in almost every game unless Giants are winning big.

So all this talk about who should start and whatever really doesn't mean anything, running game to this offense is merely a window dressing, and not a true complement to the passing game.

You'll just have to be patient and let Brown earn it game by game, the coaching staff isn't going to hand over the keys to the offense to a guy who has been cut 7 times and literally no rushing yards to speak of overnight, especially when there's Bradshaw who has been there and done that.

Brown will get his carries vs Cleveland, let's see how he does, and we can go from there.

Now close this useless thread.