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The difference between Brown and Bradshaw was visually evident to me; Brown performed better when he got the chance.....he deserves more of the gameplan.

But really, unless Brown gets hurt, either he or Wilson will eventually become the starter.

Bradshaw will continue to play at his current 50 yard per game clip, and the Giants will be forced to either make the change or fall out of the running for a playoff spot. I'm pretty convinced of it.
Giants didn't have much of a running game last year nor much of a defense and yet Eli took over and got it done, I guess you are not one of the many Eli homers here who think Eli can split Red Sea, I don't think Brown is that much of a difference-maker in my opinion, but I do agree that Giants need to establish the run game a little bit more than what they are doing so far. I like Eli's abilities as a passing QB, but I've been watching way too many NFL games to fool myself into believing that he can repeat what he has pulled off last season, it's highly unlikely.