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    Reggie Bush free agent in the end of year,what do you say?

    I would dump Bradshaw and get him.He is the 3rd best rb behind foster and charles right now the past 10 - 12 games going into last year.I wana be more balanced than we currently are.

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    No thanks.

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    Lol. No.

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    Rofl no way.

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    no way didn't we just get Wilson plus reggie has a pretty damn good o-line in front of him

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    I want Wilson and Bush.Dump Bradshaw and Browns for picks.

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    My point is I want explosive rbs and Bush and Wilson give us that.We are not the ground and pound Giants anymore,we need explosive players all around Eli and having explosive rbs like Saints do is not bad.

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    +1 our o-line is not that good it's not the RB's it's the linemen there are no holes and they really don't get a push. If you look at the Miami's O-line they are very good at LT,LG,C, and RG

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    http://www.nfl.com/player/reggiebush/2506874/profile look at his stats last year and this.He's way way better than any rb we got right now.

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    Saints RB's explosive? You mean Thomas and Ingram they're both slow pound the ball type RB's. Ingram is looking like a bust he's a 1st Round RB who was 3rd on the depth chart

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