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Thread: Ezekiel Ansah DE BYU

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    Quote Originally Posted by juice33s View Post
    I missed the BYU Notre Dame game today, how'd he do?....Here's what Mike Mayock had to say about him during the broadcast.

    “I was on the phone today with three different NFL teams about Ziggy Ansah,” Mayock said. “6-foot-6, 270. Before the season, had little to no NFL rating. Right now, he’s the buzz of the NFL for the upcoming draft. Apparently, everybody on the West Coast, all their scouts are saying ‘Here’s a kid that’s come from nowhere and might be playing his way into the first round next April.’”
    “This kid is special off the edge,” Mayock said, before Saturday’s game even started. “No matter who’s coming to block him, he’s a handful.”
    Im going to cut it I didnt watch the whole thing. i put up Bresslin I know u requested it

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    vs Notre Dame
    Not many splash plays but I love his tenacity. Motor runs all game long

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    2 New Ansah

    vs WSU

    vs Idaho

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
    JPP's wingspan and Osi's closing burst. Ultimately he may prove to be more similar to Aldon Smith as a prospect.
    I was just saying that he reminded me more of Osi.

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