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Thread: Tynes is a good kicker but please don't say clutch

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    This was a joke right.....

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    Does it really matter if the game is tied or if we are loosing? is there anymore pressure on the kick? I don't think so not sure what the issue is here.

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    Yet another ridiculous thread after a loss.

    Tynes was asked to kick a 54 yard field goal on a wet field in the wind, and missed.

    That is an indication of us not putting ourselves in a position to easily win the game -- not Tynes "not being clutch".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudyy View Post
    He kicked us to the Super Bowl twice. Just because he can't kick a certain range doesn't mean he isn't clutch.
    The kick was close.If it wasn't raining it possibly would have made it.

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    this loss is directly on the coaches. Terrible play calling and decisions all game cost us the game.

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    Anyone that wants to pass any blame to Tynes for this weeks loss, is a total dope. He was put in a situation to fail. I am not in love with Tynes but he has done his job very effectively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EliDaMANning View Post
    Chip shots. I can understand why Eli went deep to Barden. He needs to get into the 20 for Tynes comfort zone.
    they were at the 26.
    A simple 5 to 6 yard pass gets them to the 20. If you think Eli went deep to the 4 yard line because he was thinking of TYnes your nuts. He went deep because he didnt figure that Barden would tackle Namdi and the worst that would happen would have been an incomplete.
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    Tomy Brady is a good quarterback but please dont say clutch...

    Tiki Barber is an awful sports analyst but please dont say clutch...

    My wife can't drive an automatic to save here life, but please don't say CLUTCH


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    NO but that one in 2007 in Green Bay was a difficult kick because of the elements.......and I know it was a 36 yard kick but it was a tough kick.

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    He's not a long range kicker Caleb Sturgis from Florida is the guy we need. Tynes is only good under 40 yards or so but 45 or longer and his accurracy goes way down.

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