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Thread: CLEVELAND BROWNS - we owe them an *** whooping for 2008

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    Winning this game would feel great but not as great as winning against the eagles. That being said I'm not worried about this game, if we show up, this will be an easy win.

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    We shouldn't lose to a bad Browns team at home. They are competitive but the Giants need to win to ease some of the sting of losing to the Beagles.

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    Funny how it was San Fran the game after last time too.

    Yeah that sucked - both team and fan base looking at it as an easy win to stay undefeated and then Braylon Edwards catches more balls than his entire stay w the Jets (yes I'm exaggerating).

    Hitting on all cylinders for the entire game would be nice to say the least.

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    Brings back memories of Aaron Ross getting burned all game by Braylon Edwards.

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    I'm still confused 4 years later at how we lost they game. It's mind boggling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIANTSED101 View Post
    That's so true, I was thinking the same exact thing about Braylon.
    Derek freaking Anderson made the Pro Bowl that season on the back of Braylon's 16 touchdowns. Crazy.

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    I know how we lost. We are the Giants and the Giants wouldnt be who they are without laying 2-3 eggs a year. simple

    btw, weve had 1 egg vs Cowboys. (maybe 1/2 an egg to eagles)

    We are sadly due 1 or 2 more eggs before the chickens done.

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    That game was awful in 2008...I was so ****ing pissed off afterwards. How the hell do you steam roll the Cardinals, Steelers, and Ravens (200+ rushing at their house), but lose to a terrible Browns team?

    The Browns are a better team now than they were then. Their secondary has the potential to be very stingy and as we all saw, Eli threw a pick in the endzone last Sunday.

    Trent Richardson is a very strong runner and will be dangerous if the Giants don't contain him. Also, Greg Little is inconsistent. If he happens to have a good game, he can make the big plays that occasionally gouge us. Weeden impressed me last Thursday when he threw into tight coverage as well as he did for being a rookie (and from baseball too).

    Just because they are the Browns doesn't mean we should win as long as we show up. I still worry about this game and I hope the giants get their **** together after losing to philly

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    The Giant's will be up for this game, Philly will lose to the Steelers and all will be right in the NFC east!!!!

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    As I said in another thread, the idea that this team will use an insignificant regular season loss in 2008 as motivation for Sunday's game is just silly.

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