If you dont look at where the pass is going and look in the middle of the field and watch Bennett you will see that he goes down the field uncovered. Eli could of hit him around the 10/12 yard line and he could of walked in for the GAME WINNING TD and we are 3-1 instead of 2-2... UNREAL..

This is the 2nd time Eli has missed a WIDEOPEN Reciever. Remember when he hit Beatty in the hands who dropped it and Bradshaw was standing alone in corner of the endzone?....

Bennett was that wide open. IF you are going to take a shot down the field take a look all around. He didnt have pressure when he threw it so there was time to look at bennett.

Take a look at it guys and let me know what you think. Hine sight is 20/20 so its water under the bridge now but it makes me so mad