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Thread: Big Blue Was Built For The " Kill Shot "

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsforce View Post
    I still do not understand why they do not use the short pass and set up a lot of screen plays against the eagles. Their D is over pursuing and the field behind the LB's is wide open. But then again Killdrive knows best or so he thinks because we have not beaten them in 7 out of 9 games. Perhaps some day he will figure out that it is time to change from having Eli go deep on the Eagles to going short and getting YACs.
    Especially when Hixon, although he did very well, he does not have the "go up and get the ball" skills that Nicks has in that situation. He is not the right WR for that type of pass play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBlitzer View Post
    We all know what Bill Parcells would have done. And maybe TC should have looked inside His inner Lombardi. But thats not how the Giants roll. The offense we have today is Electric, not conservative. We expect Eli to put it up, and go for the Kill. You live by the Sword, you Die by the Sword. As long as we have Eli and Company, we will live rather well.

    That wasn't the time nor the place for a Kill Shot. I'll give credit to Coughlin for admitting it wasn't his best call.

    Given the down, the distance, the score, the time on the clock..... the right call is a running play, or else a play-action, high percentage pass underneath to Bennett if he's open....if not, throw the ball away to stop the clock.

    Coughlin is a great coach, and he learns from his mistakes. That won't happen again under his watch.

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    I was thinking this morning that this team does rely on the big play a little too much.

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