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    Eli Manning being asked to do too much right now


    Excerpt: "Entrusting the ball in Eli Manning’s hands is usually a formula for success for the Giants, but there’s a concern that an imbalance is seeping into the offensive flow.

    The Giants ran the ball only 19 times and passed it 42 times in their 19-17 loss to the Eagles, and it wasn’t as if the Giants were in catch-up mode all night." Read more...
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    With Nicks it's fine without Nicks not so much

    We will be more than OK trusting the ball in Eli's hands though. Not a QB I would take in his place.
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    well until Bradshaw gets it together this looks like the way we are going to have to play.

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    So give Brown the ball.
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    When your starting receiver is hurt, and your featured back is trying to work his way back into the lineup...alot will be on Eli's shoulders. Eli is the only star on this team that plays through his aches and pains. Until we can find some other stars, that can stay in the lineup...then we will be relying on Eli alot. Bradshaw, Nicks, Beatty, Baas, Hixon, Andre Brown, etc. are ALL GUYS WHO CANT STAY ON THE FIELD....REESE needs to fix this, and he knows that Eli is carrying this team.

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    i dont know if hes doing too much! they are a pass 1st offense right now! he consistently passes in excess of 300 yards a game!

    i wish we could establish a good rushing attack. with that we might be unstoppable!

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    Whats funny is that Reese became our GM saying that the Giants needed to get young guys who can stay on the field and cut Lavar Arrington and Petitgout because they had problems staying healthy. But Reese seems hesitant on cutting the guys he drafted or signed here. Everyone he brings here is a walking injury waiting to happen.

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    Need a run game but I'd rather let Eli throw it than Bradshaw run it.

    Brown needs to start....
    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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    Brown wasn't doing much against the Eagles either. The eagles have played terrific defense so far this year. I give Bradshaw one more game though. If he's still running into his lineman vs the browns he has to sit.

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    Brown is not the answer, he showed nothing last game, as i've said prior, the Panthers were defending the Pass/Deep Pass, he had open space,

    he is a Third down back canidate,

    they also need to get the recievers to Rotate into different combinations and setup's, get Randle more playing time to give him more experience and than have Nicks,Cruz,Hixon,Randle and Barden (in Short or Goalline situations rotate),

    it gives pressure off of Eli always looking towards Nicks and Cruz, defenses are defending it much better

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