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Thread: Nicks update from R.Vachianno on ESPN Radio

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    Nicks update from R.Vachianno on ESPN Radio

    said the team is saying that Nicks may have hurt his knee some by not having any activity with it because he was resting the foot, to going full out on Sunday, then back to no activity. The team believes it isn't a structoral issue but will make sure with tests, prob tmrw. But the Giants are saying that its more to do with the healing process with his foot and making sure he rested, to going to full activity could have put too much stress on it which led to the swelling.

    So, take that for what its worth. I actually thought it was this and talked about it earlier w someone on here that it prob had to do with going from making sure to not use the foot which led to not using the knee, to going full out, prob would cause some inflammation and soreness but that I'd bet he'd be ready for the 9ers. Vachianno and Rothberg said that Cleveland was a possibility, that he'd prob practice Thurs if he were to play but that we could get by w/o him until the 9ers the following week

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    That's some positive news. The Giants are very capable of beating the Browns without Nicks. Against the 49er defense though, it's a different story.

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    Sounds like positive news and I hope it IS positive news.

    Rest him this weekend. We don't need him and Haden is out.

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    i took it to be very very positive. but remember, nicks will get tests done just to make sure it isn't structoral. so we got one more hurdle to clear, but the giants according to ralph v believe its just a minor setback stemming from the foot recovery which makes sense.
    sorry but i dont see how he could have tore his acl or mcl or something bc he made it thru the game, and he has a 1 a week practice schedule so he was off his foot/knee after the game. when would he have torn it or done serious damage? just made more sense to me that it had to do with his foot. now it could very well be his acl or mcl but i dunno, i just dont see how or when that woulda happened
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    Hey if it takes another week, whatever - as long as its not something that's going to make him a question mark each week.

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    he has said for the last two game sthat he was def playing. Then got sratched a day before each game. I will believe it when I see him on the field.
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    Take any preliminary assessment you hear with a half a grain of salt.

    I don't believe anything until someone is on the field or not, especially with this team.

    I still dont think we see Nicks until the Bye at the earliest.

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    This is better than what we were hearing earlier... if he can be back for the SF game, that will make a huge difference!

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    this could be the best news I heard all day... sounds like he is just sore and resting instead of tearing something but I will still keep my guard up

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    If he is ready to go Sunday he's ready to go... The Giants can't afford to take anyone lightly .. this is the NFL ANyone can beat anyone any given week.. the Browns have been playing teams tough all year. Remember they were the only team to beat us the first 12 games in 08 after the first superbowl this era.. I know the coaches aren't saying "Yeah, the Browns suck. We don't need Hakeem this week. We'll just rest him until the real game 2 weeks in San Fran" lol

    So if Nicks is ready to go Sunday he'll ply even if he's not 100%

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