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During giants Rewind, Carl Banks mentioned if AB1 stayed behind Baas and didn't bounce outside that play at end of game when he got only 1 yard prior to the barden PI play it would have gone for 7/8 yards easy.That's what the knock on AB 1 is. Not willg to let play develop and always try's to dance outside. Had Andre brown been In game we prob win. He would of followed the block and ran right behind baas and then we are in a whole differs position. Instead of 2nd and 9 it's more like 2nd and 2/3 yards. It would have certainly changed the thought process for the next play.
This is a great point .......which i was furiously shouting at the TV about at the time ...........we are kicking a 38 yarder there if Brown had been in the game ...and Haggis would have nailed it