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    A Bunch Of QB's, Including Eli, Having a Conversation on Facebook (fake)

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    haha epic...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    There's another thread that has this posted, it is funny!

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    hahaha pretty good.

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    I bet they debate this **** on First Take...buncha damn fools

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    You shouldn't of mentioned it was fake. It would of been even more funny to see if anyone thought this was real.

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    That's freakin histerical!

    Peyton: Your hair looks wierd

    brady: your head looks weird

    All Hail The New York Giants!!

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    lol, this made my day. I couldn't stop laughing..

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    LOLOL Brady's reaction when Eli commented.
    Mood: Rude

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    awesome. i wonder if the actual qb's ever read these meme's...gotta think they;d get a laugh outta this (except romo lol)

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