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    Quote Originally Posted by GameTime View Post
    He seems to carry that weight.
    I think the weight might be cumbersome for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fee-fi-fo-fum View Post
    I think the weight might be cumbersome for him.
    I agree...
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    Tuck last year was depressed from the loss of his 2 uncles and injuries. Maybe he hasn't gotten over the losses of his loved ones?

    Tuck may need professional counseling.

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    Well he said it last year and then turned it on. It would be nice if that happened now because they are hurting.

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    He made a remark about teams lining up in punt-like formations to negate the pass rush. Which is pretty much true because you can see our two ends getting double teamed followed by a chip by either/or the halfback or fullback. There's a lot of respect for these guys off the edge and it's negated our pass rush for the most part. If there's any solution to this I think it would be to blitz, but with the state our secondary is in it seems like Fewell is reluctant to send any extra defenders.

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    Tuck is one of my favorite players but he has to show more fire. He seems mopey, dis-interested at times. Not a good example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TroyArcher View Post
    Tuck is one of my favorite players but he has to show more fire. He seems mopey, dis-interested at times. Not a good example.
    That's what I'm saying. I think he can still be a good player.
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    This is not a good attitude at all. "I pretty much suck" is like a little emo kid going on facebook and putting up some emo status Tuck stop being a little girl and just play football or dont.

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    I wouldn't worry about it. He's saying that to the media because he wants to own up to his crappy performance and not make excuses. But I promise you, in that pre game speech he will be hyping up the team and getting them fired up. He's not going to be acting "mopey".

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    You think what Justin said is concerning, it gets worse. Per Vacchiano's twitter from JPP:

    Jason Pierre-Paul is unhappy and it's starting to affect his game. "I'm not having that fun I'm used to," he ...said. "I’ve just got to go out there and run around like a little kid. Just be happy that you’re out there and make plays. Have that energy that I had last year. And that’ll go for the other guys too. You could see it their eyes that they’re not having fun with the game. They’ve got to find themselves and I’ve got to find myself.
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