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Thread: Justin Tuck quote...

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    this pass rush is overrated. They have breakout games where they completely have their way...but then they have games where they disappear.

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    This smells like a disaster to me.

    Nothing short of a let down for fans who seem to be 10x as passionate about the game as the players they watch play the game... unreal

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    Quote Originally Posted by repeatchamps View Post
    You think what Justin said is concerning, it gets worse. Per Vacchiano's twitter from JPP:

    Jason Pierre-Paul is unhappy and it's starting to affect his game. "I'm not having that fun I'm used to," he ...said. "I’ve just got to go out there and run around like a little kid. Just be happy that you’re out there and make plays. Have that energy that I had last year. And that’ll go for the other guys too. You could see it their eyes that they’re not having fun with the game. They’ve got to find themselves and I’ve got to find myself.
    jesus h...tucks attitude is spreading wtf jpp is in his THIRD year...tuck has bipolar or something im a fan of his and am pulling for him but at some point, like bradshaw, if u aint getting it done make way for some one who can...and especially dont be a cancer and bring guys like jpp down damnit

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    Looks like Coughlin is going to have to show them ANOTHER video of a person/people battling against the odds to motivate these big babies.

    My goodness.

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    Listen Tuck... no one cares about you and your sensitive feelings. No one wants to hear you ***** about how much you suck right now. WE KNOW THIS.

    Do your job dude. In the mean time, I'm gonna have to wear my boy JPPs jersey for every game until you start MANNING up, you sis.

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    My God I really hope JPP doesn't lose his fire for the game cause of what's going on now They have to realize they just faced THREE mobile qbs they will have their chance but when JPP is starting to doubt that's when I get worried. Someone needs to stand up and push these guys. I hope Rolle fires them up again cause it looks like Tuck doesn't really care to do it. I think it's as simple as they miss Canty big time.

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    good point about canty. i remember after the SB how canty and jpp/osi were embracing. canty has also always told it as it is and been an awesome teammate from where I sit, getting him back could help out a ton. we just got to make it til then

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    and about the depression tuck has and is spreading, i think its as simple as winning. I'd show JPP the tape of himself after they won the SF game and how happy he was and how he said thank u giants for drafting me i love my teammates...winning cures all and we've been up n down.

    they got to know that playing hard and earning wins is what makes the games fun so i believe it will work out

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    As usual people are reading way to much into this.

    What do you want Tuck to say? That he has played well?

    He is being honest in his assessment. It does not mean he doesnt care, it means he is honest.

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    My question is, why do they need to be motivated ALL the time? Canty is out..next man up? where is that mentality?
    I'm not a professional athlete, so I don't know what Tuck and JPP are going through. Whatever it is, I hope they figure out a possible solution, because it's definitely affecting their performance, and we NEED them to play at their best.
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