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    Im starting to get flustered with this team right now.

    Our best RB talent gets 0 carries

    He had two carries and fumbled one, he got in on one offensive play last game and dropped the pass, he EXCELS at kick returns and has had praise heaped on him by TC. Gilbride has said they are working on plays designed to take advantage of his explosiveness. His day is coming

    Nicks is banged up...the team wont say a thing about it

    What is it they need to say? He has a swollen knee and he can't play yet. The medical staff believes rest will help him heal.

    Now Barden is hurt

    He has a concussion, it's a relatively short term issue and he should be available for the 49ers

    Randle has no work ethic (supposedly)

    Luckily for Rueben, he will have a chance on Sunday to disprove any notions that he's not taking things seriously or not practicing they way he should.

    Bradshaw is still starting when its clear hes not who he used to be

    We really don't have a "starting" running back but Bradshaw is the guy who is in for the first snap. Brown has been playing pretty well and they will continue to use that tandem until either Wilson or Scott is ready for prime time. That may not take long as Ahmad seems to go down every season which is how Brown move up in thee rotation.

    Tuck is depressed again

    I don't know if his saying he "sucks" is a sign of depression or not. I do think it's a fair self assessment though.

    Hes starting to get JPP depressed

    JPP says he's not having fun. The DEs need to figure out how to get more pressure.
    Our Secondary is decimated

    True, but Sash is back from suspension, Amukamara seems to be coming along nicely, Will Hill and Stevie Brown have been doing well and Coe practiced today. I'd like to have Hosley back. I suspect Rolle will play Sunday.

    Osi really is a bellerina

    He's not the Osi of old

    The coaches have no answers

    What are the questions?

    Im Frustrated!!!!
    We never would have guessed
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