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Thread: Stevie Brown

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    not to rain on anyones parade but u could tell he is limited athletically and doesnt have great quickness. there was a pass vick threw under pressure and late over the middle to jackson on a slant. the ball sailed, and u can see brown react just way too slowly and jackson ends up getting a hand on it. collingsworth pointed it out himself as well...
    i was happy with his play and feel we can get by with him subbing for KP for a week or two, but KP he is not and there will be passes going over his head if we ask him to play that center field role

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    but we were already last in the league for YPA on passing plays so cant get much worse I guess

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    7 Tackles last Sunday night for Stevie and 2 in the enemy backfield

    I saw 11 guys missing McCoy on those runs, but Stevie did blow him up on one of those tackles

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    I think they've found a real nice piece of the puzzle in Brown, like the way he tackles...had that open field tackle on McCoy and stopped him dead in his tracks. That right there showed he was solid.

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