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    Hey guys. I have been working on this for a while and I was hoping for some feedback from other Giants fans on what they think.

    I'm sure everyone can figure out the gist of it, but basically it's all 24 tickets from last season, including the preseason, with a 16x20 Steiner autographed photo of Eli in the center.

    The home tickets were easy, especially being that I am a season ticket holder. In some cases finding some of the road games required posting on other teams message boards in order to track them down. It wasn't easy.

    The only thing I can't decide is if I like the red matte, being that I ordered it with blue as the primary color. I actually think it may 'pop' a little more like this.

    Overall, it's about the best momento I could think of putting together for my single favorite season of all time.

    So, wadda ya guys think of it?

    Giants SB 46.jpg
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