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while all this is true the offense have been lacking in rythem. They need to get a rythem going and not just keep throwing deep. Now that I ahev said they they prob score on the second pass from scrimage on a deep bomb...lol
I know its been brought up many times but I wonder why they dont use the no huddle or semi hurry up offense as a strategy. That may have worked vs the Eagles since the eagle were changing Dlinemen in and out all game.
IDK....they team as a whole needs a spark....
I completely agree w/ the no huddle. The Eagles were running in different lineman all game long and for some reason we never changed up the tempo. Everybody and they mama knows Eli is at his best in the no huddle but for some reason we never run it enough. It seems like KG doesn't like giving Eli the keys all the time and rather be the one driving if you know what I mean.