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That totally explains it...........Bradshaw has not had a 100 yd game in 2 years and who knew it was because every week he has faced pro bowl tackles
Yes, using hyperbole is a sure fire way to convince anyone of your point. I mean, it obviously doesn't help the offensive linemen out when the opposing defensive tackles only weigh 310 and 302lbs. One is a 31 year old journeyman player and the other is a raw 2nd year player. You don't think that helped us open up those huge holes in the middle for Brown?

Brown on the other hand is getting 113 yds a game beacuse of bad opposing tackles.......make sense to me......anyone else buying it?
What happened to Brown in the Eagles game? He had a few carries to stand out from Bradshaw but never made anything happen. I guarantee you that he won't have a performance like he did against the Panthers this Sunday or against the 49ers. Maybe the Redskins at best.