With Bernard, Hosley - Barden and Phillips now ruled out (profootballtalk.com) we have another chance for some players to step up - so who gets the looks.

Bernard - Without the big fella - Richardson has to be foaming at the mouth a bit (although he is not practicing due to his wifes pregnancy but playing on sunday). So who steps in? Kuhn and Austin. Neither have looked special in limited snaps but we will get a good look this Sunday at both of them. Although there is also the chance that they move JPP inside at times and maybe tuck too.

Phillips - Stevie Brown was good in the box last week - its his coverage down field thats a question. If the browns follow other teams and try to get the ball out quick this may not matter much Sunday - not to mention the browns Wideouts are banged up and not very deep.

Barden - Randle obviously gets a shot as a rookie here to be the number three - but while he has looked very good as a return man - the game seems a little to fast for him RIGHT NOW as a wideout. It will slow down and he will catch up - but is he ready week 5? Don't be surprised if Jernigan gets a shot too. I would think Bennett and the Hynoceros see some targets as well.

Hosley - Again this mean more Will Hill in the slot - kid can play and he will definitely be coming on a couple nickel blitzes.