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Don't forget that Bradshaw played most of the game and he had something to do win Eli not getting sacked.
Bradshaw's best talent is in pass protection. That's apparently not enough to beat Philly, though.

I said before the Philly game that if Bradshaw started, and saw the lion's share of the work, the Giants were going to lose. So, I pretty much expected to see what happened on Sunday night. I wasn't surprised at all.

I thought the best way to attack the Philly defense was by running the ball up the gut with Andre Brown. I thought this would be effective for several reasons:

1....The Wide Nine stretches the gap responsibilities of the linebackers.....the LBs have to cover alot of ground, and that's going to result in arm tackles.
2....The Philly defense is undersized, which favored a running attack.
3....Andre Brown is a tough downhill runner with good ball security and the ability to break arm tackles.
4....Establishment of the run would increase the effectiveness of the play-action.
5....The success of Martellus Bennett would require that Philly's linebackers accounted for him, which would help the running game.

In another post, Roanoke posted the following....

"....We expected it to be more 50/50, but as the [Eagles] game was going, it looked like it was one of those days where we wound up throwing the ball more and so Ahmad wanted to be in there more," said Gilbride. "We’ll play it out and see who’s having some success. Unfortunately neither one of them were having a lot of success. So it was no reason to stay, from a running perspective, with one of them as opposed to or over the other. It was really a matter of what were we doing? Well, we were throwing more and Ahmad, right now, is a better pass protector......"
Killdrive went pass happy, against a defense that is built to stop the pass. In fact, Philly's defense is built specifically to stop the Giants passing attack. So, as he has done 8 of the last 9 losses, our offensive game plan was designed to go against the strength of the Philly defense, rather than attack it's weakness.

As a result of that strategy, our most effective runner is swapped out for our least effective runner, in order to provide pass protection against a defense built specifically to counter the Giants passing attack.

And then, with the game on the line.....Bradshaw ****s up a simple running play that Carl Banks said would have a otherwise been a nice gain. I'm thinking that if the Giants had 2nd and short, and inside a 40 yard kick, it would have influenced what Coughlin later decided.

Obviously we'll never know. But like I said, it's no surprise this approach has now lost the Giants 8 of the last 9 against the Eagles.

The longer they stubbornly stick with Bradshaw, the tougher it's going to be to win the NFC East. So far, were 0-2 in the division with him carrying the rock.