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Turner's stats are inflated by the CAR game--just like Brown's. Turner has 154 yards on 42 carries (3.66 YPC) if you remove his game against Carolina. And that's my whole point. Carolina makes every RB look better than usual, as they did for Brown.

I mean, how do we know that Bradshaw wouldn't have had a monster game and looked great against Carolina?

I have nothing against Andre. I just don't agree with all the love floating around and don't feel he's this slam dunk talent that would magically improve our rushing game to the point where Ahmad's superior ability as a pass protector can be so easily dismissed.

I trust what the coaches think they do/don't have in him. If there's anybody that would give this running game a shot in the arm it's Wilson. But sadly, they trust him even less than Brown.

It's a long season, though and I'm sure we both just want what's best for the team. We'll see what happens...
what do u attribute his success vs tb to then? theyre 3rd in run d