I am upset with the close loss against Philly last week and I too am upset about the overall play of our defensive line so far this season but lets put the loss in perspective. It is Mike Vick and he makes a lot of defensive lines look stupid. All it takes is to come out if containment and the guy is gone, he is that quick. Folks tend to forget that the best success against is when quick DBs are used on containment and blitz packages. Shady McCoy ran all over us but that happens too.

The positive from that game is that our defense made some big stops against Philadelphia Eagles in red zone and I think that will carry over for us next time we play them.It was a hard fought and we made some mistakes but what we got from the game is that we can beat them.

I have been highly critical of our defense and perhaps more so than I should be this season. I am confident that Justin Tuck gets it together like he did toward the end of the regular season last year and performs like the defensive captain that we need him to be if we are to be successful. I am a little worried about Osi Umenyoras attitude and how iy effects the other players. I am just going to think positive and hope he turns it around soon too.

I bELIeve.