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    First Unread button?

    Is there anyway you Mods can touch base with IT and find out if there is any way to (there is) place a View First Unred Post button on the main forum index?

    At the top of the page when you enter a thread there is a link to view first unread. It is a little less useful since you have to load the thread to access this feature. If you load the wrong page you are changing what the last post you read was, buggering up the whole system.

    Most forums have this button on the index page, usually where we have a "View Last Post" button. Sometimes, the date of the last post is the view last post link, while the little button we use for that now goes to the first post you havent read yet.

    Really an awesome feature of the new software that would be doubly useful if we can make a little tweak.
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