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Let's face it, most of the posters aren't posting as well since the new boards came online. Many of the best posts appeared to be jabs at whether there would ever be a new board, which masked the inability of those posters to produce a quality statement.

And how obvious is it that the moderators are not as enthusiastic as in the past? They're not getting to the board as quickly. I think they may be overrated--may need to get back in the weight room to rebuild the fingers.

We need to bring in some new posters from another team's fan base, perhaps some Bengal fans to tell us: "You guys are great, but we're great too."

And have you noticed how the new boards just don't seem to give the ability to type letters as easily on the keyboard? Maybe if we could get back to the quoting of a quote of a quote threads that take up the whole page, we'd get back to the glory days of the longer thread that appeared to have more substance?

I'm not sure what's wrong here, but it seems like it can be traced further back when Flozell Adams tripped up a poster's train of thought a few years ago. It just doesn't seem like the boards have been the same since.
Whew, thanks for clearing up the fact of why the boards are not alive with new threads.