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    I still say this will be a win. A horrendous, butt-ugly one, but a win.

    The coaching staff needs to make some basic adjustments and not panic just because we're trailing

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    "This is Al Michaels' protege reporting about the game. If the Giants want to win this game, they MUST NOT SETTLE FOR FIELD GOALS. EVERY OFFENSIVE PLAY DRIVE SHOULD START WITH THE MENTALITY OF SCORING A TD."

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    Hey can someone go into the locker room and find the Giants define and tell them there is a game going on?

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    The browns secondary knows how to cover! Every single pass is contested as oppose to our secondary that likes to give receivers cushions for easy completions then we tackle them after the 1st down catch has been made!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redeyejedi View Post
    He is 6'3" that was really good coverage
    he had more time though.. Why make that throw? I'd rather wait and get something to someone open..

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    need a big time stop defense

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    We need to get a stop right here! Go Big Blue!

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    Turnover needed bad!!!!!!!!!

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    Why run it out they can run it right through the D.......

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    Turnover time. Cmon. Lay this guy out.

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