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Thread: Getting a little worried about JPP.

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    What u think he's gonna dominate everybody? Those guys get paid too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBookOfEli View Post
    He is getting put on his back and just got put on his back by a rookie RT. Hopefully he gets of this slump. And hopefully he's not hanging out with Tuck too much and his depression issues.

    Prince needs to put JPP in the cold tub.
    You should be more concerned with Osi and Mr. MIA Tuck. Tuck looks old, and the injury excuse is just that, an excuse. It may be time to take a look at Ojomo sooner or later once he's healthy. Out DT's are not doing much in the pass rush department either. I won't miss Osi and his one signature move. Try to blow past the tackle and take himself out of the play most times.

    The win today was good, but let's see what they do against a top quality team next week. JP is the focal point every week, which is why there is serious reason for concern regarding the pass rush. The others cannot beat single blocking. Simply Atrocious. Next week we will see what a tenacious defense should look like in SF.

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    JPP is not in a slump. He's sack numbers are down, but he's been in the back field all season.

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    Dont get down - he is one of the best ends in the game - with osi and tuck struggling to beat one on ones JPP is seeing chips like crazy - he is still batting down passes and making tackles. Guys a beast. He also saw the tackle spot a few times where you are definitely gonna get doubled.

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    This is what it is, the defense learned this: contain JPP, since Tuck sucks and Osi cant break past a T anymore. Then not having Canty here as well doesnt help. We need to bench Tuck and Osi and make them earn a starting spot again.

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    JPP has me worried about -90%. The guy leaves everything on the field and i have seen nothing that makes me doubt his production. The entire blocking scheme of an offense is designed to eliminate him. I am nowhere near worried. If anything, I'm excited about him.

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    JPP is the least of the problems on the DLine. He's constantly being double teamed and STILL putting pressure on the QB and making plays.

    It's up to Fewell and the rest of the defense coaches to breakdown tapes and see what adjustments need to be made.

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    i think a lot more is happening with JPP than we see. hes being held chipped and put on his back! he'll figure a way to beat all that.

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    If the other guys (Osi and Tuck) can't step up, they'll just continue targeting JPP all game long. Eventually, he's gonna start burning himself out........
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