Oh. So because we stumbledcoming out of the gate we're not really all that good.....after WINNING, no less against a team that we were "supposed" to beat. Let's disregard the fact that we were literally 1 yard away from beating the Eagles. And please don't blame the coaches on that btw. Had Ramses not PIed and Eli made a better throw we win the game bc of PERFECT clock management. God forbid they tailor the plan with the assumption we all do our jobs. And the 9ers lost the freaking Vikings. Granted their record says they're a first place team, but so does/did the eagles and we only lost to them by 2 points as opposed to what I believe was a 10 point loss by the 9ers. Unreal. Very glad I never came on these boards before 2010. You guys must have been brutal. Those of you who didn't take the step off the ledge and are still with us, anyway.