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For me, it's less about the confidence I have in the Giants and more about the respect I have for the 49ers team. Other than possibly the Texans, you'd be hard pressed to find a more talented roster in the NFL. The key to winning that game will be establishing an early lead and taking the 49ers out of their element like the Vikings did.
We've played & beat them before..., in their house in the NFCCG! We stomped the 15-1 defending champ Packers in their house the week prior. We beat the 18-0 Pats in the SB & beat em again last yr in the SB!

G-men have no fear of teams that have superior W-L records or a tough rep. If anything, 9ers fans should be worried about us as we are the toughest team they will play so far this yr.. That they destroyed the Jets & Bills these past 2 weeks is really not that impressive when you take into account that the Bills D is aweful & has given up over 45 pts in 3 of their 1st 5 games & the Jets with that Gawd aweful O were one of them.And the Lions are 1-3 while GB is 2-3 & just got beat by a rookie QB in a game they led 21-3.

If the G-men play their game, get back some players that have been hurt & avoid turnovers, we win this game.