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    Takeaways, Stevie Brown was right there.

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    My Positives:
    Wilson getting a shot to carry the rock and scoring on his 2nd carry for a 40 yarder....great burst through the hole and speed!
    Rueban Randle looked great
    Hixon was doing nicely
    Cruz looked good, got screwed on PAT non-call...I won't hold that against him, especially on a 3 TD day
    Manning looked good and looks like the MVP of the team and League...never thought I'd say that
    O-line did well and kept Eli clean all day
    ----almost seems like the entire offense did well
    Now for the D:
    Stevie Brown
    and Special Teams:
    Stevie Brown

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    Eagles lost, Redskins lost, Packers lost and Cowboys lost, just by being the Cowboys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BParcells777 View Post
    Well look at this way, your campaign to save Bradshaws role was rewarded with 4 Aces and 3 Kings
    I should be in Vegas lol
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    OMG....Where to start?....

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    It was only the Browns, but Bradshaw looked fantastic today

    Wilson got an opportunity, however small, and made the most of it

    Randle looked good

    The O-line looked solid

    Steve Brown looked very good

    Blackburn made a great play

    JPP couldn't get to the QB, but did a great job getting his hands up to tip the ball a few times

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyt830 View Post
    exactly and the Giants have some momentum going into San Fran next week.
    Pardon me, but didn't we also have the momentum going into Philadelphia after beating a better team than the Browns? How did that turn out for us? The positive thing is that offensively Killdrive changed some of his play calling using more the short pass and the play action which was very productive for us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BParcells777 View Post

    Randall found as a new threat

    Stevie Brown awesome

    Chase Blackburn Awesome

    Tiki Bradshaw 200yds

    3 Salsa dances

    back in virtual tie for 1st in NFC East 3-2

    Wilson shows his stuff on 1 carry

    The Germanator struts his stuff

    Big momentum game going in to SFO

    Downers- Still no Sacks, A Brown suffers concussion
    perfectly stated

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    Playing like the Giants..................... GREAT RUNNING ! GREAT PASSING ! GREAT GAME ! GREAT WIN !! I don't care if the Browns are 5 & 0, they played a great game ! They had us thinking , what's going on ! It seemed like a bad dream ! Or should I say a Nightmare ! Thank God the G-Men got their act togethere !


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    Let's not forget Will Hill. Made a big play on STs today.

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