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Thread: Please post your positives for today

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsforce View Post
    Pardon me, but didn't we also have the momentum going into Philadelphia after beating a better team than the Browns? How did that turn out for us? The positive thing is that offensively Killdrive changed some of his play calling using more the short pass and the play action which was very productive for us.
    Your Right again "giantsforce" I have been saying this all season, throw short passes,,& play action, stop running into brick walls............A lot of G-fans all said, you have to run the ball more, OK yes like they did today 200 YARDS for AB.............Any way, Great Win for our G-Men !

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    Having Hakeem Nicks get to sit again due to a knee injury gave him another week to heal his foot injury, without the team having to suffer without him being out there on the field.

    And oh yeah, Cris Collinsworth proved to show his Collinsworthless opinions once more. It only took one week and an opportunity to show it.
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    Offensive line did a tremendous job. Bradshaw recovered and went on to have a career day. Eli was lights-out. Cruz was huge. Randle stepped up. Wilson ran like a missile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joemorrisforprez View Post
    Offensive line did a tremendous job. Bradshaw recovered and went on to have a career day. Eli was lights-out. Cruz was huge. Randle stepped up. Wilson ran like a missile.
    The sad thing is we change one thing and another one breaks. The O line did an excellent job and the play calling was great today. However I am still concerned that I do not see any changes in the defensive side. It is really puzzling why a rookie QB like this would stay upright and does not face constant pressure. Especially when the only two times he faced some serious pressure, he turned the ball over. Typical Giants game though: start below slow and then rev it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cool Papa B. View Post
    Let's not forget Will Hill. Made a big play on STs today.
    he sure did...Will has been playing great. Let's not forget he's been covering the slot, and doing a damn good job too. No ones complaining that hes getting burnt, so no news is good news in that regard.

    hers my list of the players of the day

    Bradshaw - had a rocky start with the fumble, but completely redeemed himself with 200 yards on the ground. Was nice to see the old AB again, running people over

    Whole O-Line...great game fellas..way to open up those running lanes today

    Cruz's 3 TD..enough said

    Hixon - not flashy but he's been gettin the job done

    Prince - I've been tough on him cause he's always hurt, but he had his side of the field locked down the last 2 weeks..nice to see the first round talent showing. Keep up the good work, and we should have 2 good lockdown corners with Prince and Hosley on the field for years to come

    Randle - Good game today kid, keep up the good work. Nice to see why we drafted you so high

    Chase - not fast, but always in the right spot, besides when Perry Fewell has a brain fart and decides to have you covering receivers

    Stevie Brown, another pick!! I'm liking this kid more and more every week

    this probally goes unnoticed, but Paysinger and Herz have been playing lights out on special teams, good job guys
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    Eli in the rain
    Bradshaw's grit
    Randle answering his critics
    Prince overall play was physical
    Will Hill flashing that brilliant athleticism.
    Wilson, did you see that burst?
    Hixon and of course Cruz
    Last but not least, how about the OL's performance today. I have been a big critic and feel like they had a very good game as a unit.

    Notice I didn't mention the DL. We'll get to that after celebrating this nice win.
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    We have more depth than any team in the league. Hands down...

    It's great to see the youngsters step up, gain some more confidence, and earn the coaches' confidence...

    Even without Hakeem in there to draw coverage, Cruz still pulls the hat trick...

    Maybe it'll be like last year where guys have to hold down the fort and the reinforcements will show up at the right time...(*Crosses fingers*)

    BONUS POSITIVES-- Eagirls lose, Skins lose, and Packers lose (yes...we have to face them and it's nice to know they're not so invincible anymore)...we're tied for 1st in the division.
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