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    Saddle up and ride Eli to a win...our defense is loaded and passed out in the saloon!

    Tuck you looked horrible in this first half....WWHHHIIIFFFFFFFF!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hungrrrry View Post
    Tuck you looked horrible in these first five games....WWHHHIIIFFFFFFFF!
    Fixed it for you

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    He should consider retiring from football.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DemandedAce View Post
    Fixed it for you
    oh...thank you for that!

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    You guys need to shut up and stop crying. They are going to have bad seasons and until the dbs start playing better, Tuck and Osi are going to keep having troubles. I also think that Fewells type of defense ware our defenders. Des hardly get a lot of sacks anyways. The best ones usualy get sacks in the teens. We need some of our safeties to come and see if they can come in unblocked.

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    Tuck is whiffing on tackling the runner...no fault of the DB's there but I agree a lot of fault rests on Perry Fewell who does not get his players (AND their capabilities) in the right position to be effective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m0rbid1 View Post
    He should consider retiring from football.
    Dude shut up you're ******ed. You realize he just had 2 sacks in the Super Bowl and without him probably wouldn't win. Give him time my god what kind of Giant fan are you?

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    Great thread title LOL

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    How the F&&% did th refs miss that one? I mean come on man!

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    Was Tuck even out there in the 4th quarter? They gotta try out Ojomo or something.

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