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yup, gotta looke to the bright side. The replacement refs might have given Weeden that TD pass after he caught his own first pass off a deflection. lol
Oh thats another thing. They called it a TD, the ref in the end zone, but the head ref realized it and explained why it wasn't. I mean really a TD call? Wow

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Sorry if you really think the replacement refs are better your just not seeing the game.
Actually you can read my reply to mik about how i feel. But im seeing the game just fine, and been paying attention to them for years, and brining it up usually a couple times a year. No one here cares generally, unless it burns us as it did vs GB, SF, and luckily not in our last SB game.. I just prefer being consistent whether we win or lose or whether it costs us a game or not.... I don't start whining about it as some do when we only lose. Or think its no biggie because we won anyway.