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Thread: Front 4 Not Getting It Done!!!!

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    Its the samthing as running a 4-3, dropping a DE into coverage and blitzing a CB. In the scheme I have in mind the O-line has no idea what they are facing on any given play. Simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FIFTY6G-MAN View Post
    That is not fantasy football. It was Pop Warner football. Yeah it is not anything much, but when you take a given group of kids, put them into a position, train them, condition them and then win on a weekly basis that means I/We did something right and have an idea of who and what needs to happen to win. sorry if I didnt win the SB yet.LOL
    I was just kidding, lol..I played football from the time I was 6 until I graduated college from a small division 1AA school in the northeast and I can honestly say the coaches from my pop warner team were prbly the best if you could believe that....anyway good luck with coaching and with all due respect your crazy if you think OSI could play on the tackle in the 3-4.

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    Really why is that? What do you know that we dont at this time? Cute is not a word I would describe our D getting handed an az whooping every week. We do not have a Dline that does anything but show me a line of blue on the TV every week. Last 2 games =zero penetration. That in itself is weak!

    it's one of the silliest suggestions ever. it's completely asinine to switch defensive schemes in such a significant way during a season from a 4-3 to 3-4. it takes offseason moves to adjust and acquire players and coaching such a drastic change. it totally ridiculous.

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